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In the future, this approach could not only restore fluent communication to individuals with a severe speech disability, the authors say, but could also reproduce some of the musicality of. to read.

When you’re reading their work it can be very hard not to get swept up in the musicality of their prose— and to subconsciously. Wallace — he of the mind-bogglingly long and complex sentences and.

A single sentence of 89 words, some unfamiliar. their appearance on the page, the musicality of a piece, how it chimes on your inner ear. And you’ll also love surprises in reading – something The.

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Consonance can also add rhythm and musicality to writing without being as. Consonance is used for emphasis or to make a sentence more pleasing to the ear.

Definition of Musicality. musical talent. Examples of Musicality in a sentence. The Broadway play earned high marks for musicality since many of the songs were.

Author Beth Ann Fennelly never meant to write her new book. Yet I started to fall in love with the sentence. The different musicality that’s allowed when you’re working with a sentence and not with.

musicality, feeling and expression seem shrouded in mystery. Partly because of this, it is sometimes assumed that one either has musical talent or not, and.

Sep 10, 2017. 31 sentence examples: 1. Her natural musicality made this one of the most enjoyable concerts of the year. 2. Her playing shows real musicality.

Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word musicality:. Baker's early performance attracted attention for both his musicality and showmanship.

West Coast Swing Online December 12, 2012 Musicality & Timing. When you. Each eight-beat phrase is the musical equivalent of a sentence. Most verses, for.

In this familiar diversion, one person whispers a sentence to another, who in turn whispers it to someone else. The whispered exchanges continue until the message winds its way back to the original.

Musicality definition is – sensitivity to, knowledge of, or talent for music. Examples of musicality in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web But its.

Here are ten things that only poets understand — or, at least, ten things poets understand better than everyone else. 1. One comma can say a lot. punctuation isn’t only a vehicle for moving a.

(It’s) how we communicate, you know, one sentence in English y otra en espanol,” the 24. De Vries said of Nova: “There’s an intelligence and a musicality in everything she does. I think we’ll be.

He wrote masques, plays, and poems, and I believe his poetry is unsurpassed for sheer musicality, the ability to arrange artfully the sounds of vowels and consonants, sentences and lines. There is a.

The Millions: What first struck me was the poetic quality of your sentences. Their playful musicality makes me want to ask about your interest in poetry and how it influences your work? Namwali.

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The Millions: What first struck me was the poetic quality of your sentences. Their playful musicality makes me want to ask about your interest in poetry and how it influences your work? Namwali.

Then I took the book home and read it again and again, peeling back layers, pouring over the seamless sentences and losing myself within. yet the precision and musicality of his language, and the.

musicality pronunciation in British English /ˌmjuːzɪˈkæləti/ noun [uncountable ]. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe music or musical.

Jun 9, 2015. Musicality: The structure of the music (4 X 8). At the end of every sentence you can hear a little accent and after the four sentences there is a.

President Obama’s biggest speeches have a musicality to them. That’s not an accident. FAVREAU: So that first sentence was, they said this day would never come. SHAPIRO: Eight syllables – poets.

I could put the laundry away one item at a time. Or I step in place while constructing sentences for a story. I could park at the end of the lot, or I could park two lots over and then walk to the.

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“A phrase is a musical sentence, and just like a sentence that you read in a book, However, with a systematic approach that illustrates musicality in various.

Polyptoton is a unique form of wordplay that provides the sentence with repetition in. polyptotonic phrases can be used to simply emphasize, add a musicality,

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And why not? It’s an absolute pleasure to read, and re-read, a sentence concerned not only with the placing of the words, but also the musicality in their ordering. The descriptions are, to quote,

Jun 20, 2017. We could rewrite as She was asked to buy berries, and bought berries she has, but we lose the musicality of the original sentence. A better.

Nov 13, 2019. musicality meaning: skill and good judgment in playing music:. Learn more.

He uses Caesar’s De bello Gallico as an example of language trying to “re-create the world mathematically and geometrically,

If the rhyme falls in an obvious place, at the end of what would normally be a stopping point in a sentence, so be it. It’s a credit to the power of the music, and the musicality of the cast, and.

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From the opening sentence, it seems that time is always about to run out. Joe — whose condition manifests as inherent musicality and an assumption that everyone means him well — will become an.

«Musicality» Musicality is sensitivity to, knowledge of and/or talent for music. It is also used to refer. Famous quotes and sentences with the word musicality. 1.

Here are 53 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word " musicality".

How to use musicality in a sentence. Example sentences with the word musicality. musicality example sentences.

Apr 3, 2019. From the basic sounds and meanings, to the overall sentence, story or song, It has been shown that music and musicality are products of our.