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Bernie Worrell, the funk keyboardist who changed the game with his work in Funkadelic-Parliament. Stroke," "Dr. Funkenstein," "Chocolate City," "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" and "Mothership.

P. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) by Parliament – discover this song's samples, covers. Mothership Connection. Casablanca 1975. Producer: George Clinton.

Feb 6, 2019. “What's happening, man?” a spry-sounding George Clinton asks when he picks up the phone. The Parliament-Funkadelic mastermind is.

William “Bootsy” Collins, an influential bass guitarist who found fame backing funk legends James Brown and George. including notably Parliament’s “Mothership Connection” from 1975 — one of only.

Jun 10, 2014. The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership is a 1,200-pound aluminum stage prop that once stole the show at funk singer George Clinton's.

Known to fans as P-Funk, Parliament-Funkadelic is an ever-morphing collective of. especially when it came to recognizing P-Funk's connection to Hip Hop.

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Bernie Worrell, the keyboardist who made tremendous contributions to music through his work with Parliament/Funkadelic. to create the sound found in such iconic P-Funk songs as “Flash Light,”.

Connect with P.Funk collectors across the globe and complete your collection. music that George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic collective performed.

Rick James’ Stone City Band led by original member, L.A. Sky, and P-Funk Connection with some of the original members from the infamous group Parliament Funkadelic, led by original group member, the.

Founder of the numerous incarnations and collectives known as Parliament, or Funkadelic, or Parliament-Funkadelic, or the P-Funk All-Stars. as seen by album and songs such as "Mothership Connection.

“Now we add horns to it, so you get a Sly Stone, James Brown ingredient. and you got what we called ‘P-Funk.’. That was what we considered P-Funk: Motown psychedelic with horns.” From Parliament to.

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Soul Clap & George Clinton first christened their cosmic connection on Funkadelic. duo explore the many realms of Parliament-Funkadelic’s expansive musical universe by compiling some of their.

1979 (The Apollo shows was advertised as "George Clinton's Production of Popsicle Stick starring Parliament Funkadelic". GC didn't perform but he was.

It is a band based on connections of Funk D.N.A. Each member came from deep rooted hands on funk background. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

Funkadelic — now, Funkadelic wasn’t one of my mom’s favorites either- she didn’t own any Parliament/Funkadelic or any of the Funk Mob albums. Still, there was no getting around, “Flashlight,”.

May 28, 2019. George Clinton's connection to Cincinnati runs through musicians such as trumpeter Clayton “Chicken” Gunnells, guitarist Phelps “Catfish”.

Oct 1, 2018. The collective of musicians led by George Clinton released a huge run of albums. their next release as Parliament, Mothership Connection.

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Discography: Parliament-Funkadelic: Mothership Connection. Nathan Stevens. March 20, 2019. There's no better P-Funk album to simply get lost in. A zillion.

Although P-Funk — shorthand for Parliament/Funkadelic, but which has come to refer. end up flashing on Ice Cube or Dr. Dre as they listen to "Bop Gun" or "Mothership Connection." With luck, though.

In fact, one of my favorite indie movies from the 90s, was “PCU,” (1994) starring Jeremy Piven, David Spade and featured a performance by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. listen to some.

After learning a few tricks from a job as a staff songwriter at Motown, Clinton began to funkify Parliament’s sound. Classic 1970s albums such as Mothership Connection and Maggot. at least one.

Aug 12, 2015. Parliament, Mothership Connection (1975). "Make my funk the P-Funk/ I want my funk uncut" (what's up, Dr. Dre); "If you hear any noise/It's.

Track Listing: P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) {G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell} 7:41 lyrics Mothership Connection (Star Child) {G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell}.

The seminal 1975 P-funk release, Mothership Connection, was the first George Clinton album to feature Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley, who had recently left.

On June 11, George Clinton brings his "One Nation Under a Groove" tour to Artpark for a 5:30 p.m. show. and 1975’s “Mothership Connection.” Then just keep on going, and don’t stop ‘til you get.

The version of P-Funk that showed up at First Avenue on Tuesday wasn. at some point in my life, I got the chance to see George Clinton quote the “skeet skeet skeet” hook to Lil’ Jon’s “Get Low”.

Parliament. Osmium [Invictus. Mothership Connection [Casablanca, 1976] That DJ from. Parliament Live/P-Funk Earth Tour [Casablanca, 1977] Because it.

In Parliament's self-referential theme song, “P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked. of Parliament albums, from Mothership Connection (1975) to Trombipulation (1980).

It all began in Newark, New Jersey in the mid-1950s, when George Clinton. Parliament's album Mothership Connection became the group's first of many gold.

One of the great musicians and producers of funk, Walter “Junie” Morrison, has died, at the age of 62. Morrison was a multi-skillled musician, writing, producing, singing and playing keyboards with.

Parliament and Funkadelic were but two of Clinton’s ever-growing cadre of groups, which included Maceo Parker Horny Horns, the all-female outfits Parlet and the Brides of Funkentstein, bassist Bootsy.

Apr 24, 2018. P-Funk was conceived as “pirate radio from outer space” but its blend of all-out. Brain (1971) and Parliament's Mothership Connection (1975).

But Parliament offered me a less squeaky-clean picture. I urge you to download or search the internet for "Mothership Connection (Star Child)" or "P-Funk" or "Chocolate City," "(Not Just) Knee Deep.

Where do you fall in the P-Funk mythology? Are you a devotee of Starchild, who is the Mothership Connection? Are you a fan of the. narratives of funkmaster George Clinton and his bands Parliament.