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Among the big winners Sunday were Delta Stone and The Wardogs, which won best blues act and performed their song, Funk 19, to wild applause. also has played with Ian and Sylvia Tyson, The Good.

Get rolling June 26 with Festival Express, the 2003 celebration of 60s folk rock; other highlights include the tribute concert Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man (July 10), the exhilarating Funk Brothers doc.

Funky Town: “Standing in the Shadow of Motown,” a glorious documentary about the Funk Brothers, introduces the studio musicians behind hundreds of hits by the likes of Stevie Wonder, the Supremes and.

In Detroit, The Funk Brothers kept Motown’s assembly line of hits purring. Session guitarists “Big Jim” Sullivan, Vic Flick, Jimmy Page (sometimes called “Little Jim”), Joe Moretti, Bryan Daly, and.

The idea of “evil funk” may raise some eyebrows among rock fans. the soundtrack to a bad drug trip in the desert in a blaxploitation flick. That said, ask Jared what movie the Budos Band would love.

In addition to the Skrillex/Doors collaboration, you’ll see The Crystal Method working with Martha Reeves of The Vandellas and the Funk Brothers on the R&B song, “I’m Not Leaving”; Mark Ronson hooking.

The flick opens Friday, but the soundtrack. producers Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey (who played guitar in Motown’s stellar house band, the Funk Brothers). The relationship between Rodriguez’s.

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MFSB, “Love Is The Message (Tom Moulton Mix)” (1973/1977) MFSB did for their decade what the Funk Brothers and the Wrecking Crew did in the ’60s, and an entire industry of drum machines had to be.

Enter Ted DiBiase, the son of lady wrestler Helen Hild and entertainer Ted Willis, who was later adopted by wrestling star Iron Mike DiBiase, The young DiBiase, who had been trained by The Funk.

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Art Neville, a member of one of New Orleans’ storied musical families, the Neville Brothers, and a founding member of the groundbreaking funk band The Meters, has died at age 81. Neville’s manager,

The 2002 film “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” is a documentary about The Funk Brothers, an anonymous band of studio session musicians that defined the sound of classic 1960s soul music. Now we.

Two members from the Funk Brothers — the brilliant but unheralded studio musicians. edged crime tales but was best known for directing the 3-D Vincent Price horror flick "House of Wax." Oct. 27.

Many songs are from rhythm sections overshadowed by Motown; yet some here were more skilled than the Funk Brothers and Parliament. Sure, the emphasis is on funk, but Wendell Harrison’s “Farewell to.

Backed by Motown house band the Funk Brothers, Michael pushes himself to the top of his. "Ben" is a love ballad to a killer rat, from a trashy horror flick about mutant rodents running amok in L.A.

Samuel L. Jackson is to portray funk icon George Clinton in a new biopic about disco king Neil Bogart. The 1970s record executive was behind hits by The Isley Brothers, Parliament, Donna Summer,

Blues Songs Civil Rights As a music critic, I vividly remember the furor that his 2001 Jazz series stirred up for its blues-and-swing-centrism. Dr. Noelle Trent, the Director of Interpretation, Collections and Education at the National Civil Rights Museum, will moderate the. as well as his album The Sky Is Crying. The 40th Blues Music. Nov 12, 2017. Nina's

The group had parted ways with guitarist Ed King earlier in the year, but the six-string duo of Gary Rossington and Allen Collins carries on with shitkicker zeal, from the southern funk-fried licks.

An archival Detroit News photo of a teenaged Stevie Wonder in Studio A with the Funk Brothers surrounding him is seen, as the superstar mentions each Funk Brother by name. Many of the stories and even.

No offense to the Funk Brothers, but trundling out Joan Osborne to wail through. No one’s saying Gasoline is on par with history’s masters. But hear this: The Hard Lessons’ debut LP pricks skin.

One electrifying moment comes when, during the concert segment, the Funk Brothers slide into one of history’s most. (from the soundtrack of the Shaft In Africa blaxploitation flick). Also worth.

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