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At this point, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is more than just a holiday tradition. "The bands are on fire, and over the last couple of years, we upped the size of the production, and we did it again.

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That’s not the path for Paul O’Neill, creator of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His works, including "The Lost Christmas Eve," which the band will perform. Savatage members Jon Oliva and Bob Kinkel.

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Lyrics to "Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)" song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra: In the night Was the dark In the dark Was the dream In the dream Was the Child And myself The.

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This year’s tour will feature Trans-Siberian Orchestra performing “The Ghosts of Christmas. It really brought us into the living rooms of a lot of people with the television show that we did. So,

"The entire Trans-Siberian Orchestra family, past and present. but it was just pure luck. Of course, we did everything backwards. Normally you have like five or six other platinum albums, then you.

Rock of Ages and Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Angus Clark took the Pro-Mod DK24 HH FR M QM for a spin in a recent YouTube demo. “This is a Charvel—it’s synonymous with that kind of ’80s ‘lead machine,’” said Clark.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Paul O’Neill has died from a chronic. Some time later, a reporter traced him down to ask why he did this insanely stupid thing. The old man said that it was his way.

This year, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is celebrating 20 years of touring with a brand. So along with playing in Cleveland and the area as much as we did, I met my future wife. And absolutely,

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"It’s kind of like having a child; there’s no secret," says Al Pitrelli, guitarist and founding member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. "You give birth to something. You’re there from its inception.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is an American rock band founded in 1996 by producer, composer, and lyricist Paul O’Neill, who brought together Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli (both members of Savatage) and keyboardist and co-producer Robert Kinkel to form the core of the creative team. The band gained in popularity when they began touring in 1999 after completing their second album, The Christmas.

Lyrics to "Christmas Canon Rock" song by Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Now all that had occurred here this night The angel had clearly seen Not unlike an old fashioned.

A Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is a multisensory rock extravaganza. started to move ahead when human beings sat around the fire and told stories and did paintings,” O’Neill said. “Any.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra fans may be surprised to learn that this winter. TSO East — from a tour stop in Florida. “We did ‘Christmas Eve and Other Stories’ for many, many years originally, but what.

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The Trans-Siberian Orchestra does the holiday a whole lot bigger. "I think people want to see if we can outdo what we did last year, and we haven’t failed in 20 years of recording." 3 and 7:30 p.m.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a successful proposition because it finds. and then, “OF THE PAST, HE DID NOT CARE,” Hicks boomed with the halting punctuation of the uber-dramatic. Composed and.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra is throwing a bit of a curveball at its fans. “It was only supposed to run once and never again, but it did so well, Fox ran it multiple times,” he said. “Then it’s.

More than just a rock band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is famous for their energetic and driving. "Concert" is really the wrong word for what they did, in fact. It was more of an experience. They.

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The part of the blame for which PPL Center is responsible is that audiences for Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts aren’t your typical. But that’s where the blame for PPL Center ends. The area did,

Virtuoso violinist and nationally recognized keynote speaker, best known for his high-energy performances and multiple tours with Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

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The Wizards of Winter, a Trans-Siberian Orchestra tribute group, will bring their East Coast tour to the theater at 209 N. Centre St. at 7 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $15 each. The newly formed New.

The holidays rock a whole lot harder than they ever have thanks to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. By infusing seasonal classics with rock flamboyance, a symphonic sense of scope, and an eye-popping visual presentation complete with lasers and pyrotechnics, what began as a.

Paul O’Neill (February 23, 1956 – April 5, 2017) was an American music composer, lyricist, producer, and songwriter