Zac Efron Dance Move Golf

James Corden took the The Late Late Show’s Crosswalk the Musical group to Broadway on Thursday and invited Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya to join his. While rehearsing a few dance moves, the.

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Zac Efron appeared. Ellen DeGeneres a lap dance and making out with his hand, the High School Music alum also showed off his best attempt at twerking. To do so, he wore his finest twerking attire —.

Zac Efron takes on his most mature role yet in the adaptation. if I ever thought I was going to play a Marine… You still broke out the dance moves with the kids. EFRON: I don’t know. I really liked.

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not sung by Zac Efron — at least in the first movie). And Finn wasn’t just taken by Efron’s dunking abilities, he was also impressed by the High School Musical star’s dance movies. So, of course, he.

For heart-throb Zac Efron, 28, baring his spectacularly toned abs. He may not be singing in Bad Neighbours 2, but Efron is certainly busting some dance moves. "The funny thing is, from the point of.

In addition to reported boating excursions and hanging out on the beaches nearby, Efron has been perfecting his dance moves. Read: Zac Efron Admits Battle With Addiction Is ‘Never-Ending Struggle’ On.

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“It was Troy Bolton in ‘Bet On It’.” And just in case people didn’t believe him, Wolfhard stopped the interview to get up and do his impression of Zac Efron’s dance moves from the musical number. Fans.

A post shared by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on Jul 7, 2014 at 4:46am PDT Wiggling was one thing. Zac Efron showed off his dance moves last week on a table top. But now he’s showing off more.

Meryl Streep has her unparalleled acting chops, Channing Tatum has his lascivious dance moves, Kim K has her controversial, barely-clothed selfies, and of course, Zac Efron has his claim to fame: a.

Tom Cruise definitely has some dance moves! The 54-year-old actor got the chance to show off his skills during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Thursday (June 1) in London, England. The.

In this case, ‘Neighbors’ stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron teamed up with the cast. handsome and effortlessly cool Efron, who wins them over with compliments and sexy dance moves. Rogen is the more.

He recently showed off his sexy dance moves set to Jason Derulo’s hit Wiggle, but Zac Efron was not done cutting a rug on his Italian vacation. The 26-year-old star could be seen performing a.

Show of hands: Who would purchase a Zac Efron album. In addition to powerhouse Efron solo numbers — which we’ll get to in a minute! — the made-for-tv-sequel also gave Efron and Co. plenty of.

"I’m so happy I could still do that," Efron then dished, as Cruise called him "perfect." And while Zac’s performance was exceptionally brief (and fully clothed), we can’t help but swoon over his.

Has a new bromance between Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson been blossoming. And may I suggest the "High School Musical" alum could help the "Twilight" star spruce up his dance moves on their next.

Also read: 8 Years of Zac Efron’s Dance Moves Mashed Up for Your Visual Pleasure (Video) Working Title’s Untitled DJ Project won’t be Joseph’s first foray into the world of electronic music, as he.

There was a time when Zac Efron was only known for his teen-friendly films, smooth dance moves and Bieber-esque hair (before Justin Bieber was actually a thing). But throw a rock these days and it’d.